Communications And Public Relations

PR is visibility with credibility. With our strong media relations and storytelling skills, we can develop and get your brand across English and Arabic media to raise the profile of your business and help you reach new target audiences.

With 20+ years of combined experience in the UAE, we find and create PR opportunities in digital, traditional and broadcast media, thought leadership and event speaking. We close the loop, starting with identifying stories and then developing, writing, releasing and monitoring your PR and strategic communications.


Successful marketing and branding are client-centric. We identify your target audience, creating a brand persona that includes your Unique Selling Point, look and feel, visual (logo and brand colours) and tone of voice. We reinforce this with content, design, media, website and other marketing that engages new customers and promotes your brand loyalty.

We create a marketing mix that suits your organisation, your target market and your budget.


Successful brands start with a strong, well-researched strategy. Whatever your product or service, we can enhance your business potential by providing a strategic review of marketing, communications, branding and PR.

From the operating landscape to audiences, products, competitors and USP, our strategic review will help get your existing business in order or start your new business on solid ground.