Your easiest marketing resolution for 2019


Your easiest marketing resolution for 2019

As another year draws to a close, the planners among us will already have an eye on 2019, which is why creating a branded calendar or wall chart might be your easiest route to engaging your customers right now and for the whole year ahead. So why not make this your marketing resolution for 2019?

Of course the days and dates, weekends and holidays are there for us all to see on our phone or laptop, but when it comes to organising our working lives, the reliable old desk calendar or wall chart still has a place in our office. It’s not much use when your electronic diary notifies you of your departure on a business trip 15 minutes before the plane leaves, is it?

Make a visual impact

Way back in the 1950s it was said that “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion it has taken place”. Though the source of these words are disputed, the sentiment is not; and in fact never has it been truer than today. We live in a world of information overload; a place where many of us are de-sensitised to even the most personalised and compelling marketing messages.

Of course, your website, corporate brochures, advertising and even PR all help you get ‘out there’; but at this time of year, why not get a bit more creative? One of the fundamental transformations in the world of communication is the transition to a visually-driven message exchange. If content is king, then visuals are fast becoming the crown jewels. Your brand identity speaks volumes; if it’s creative, relevant and out there, it’s the easiest part of the conversation – a communication that you can pretty much guarantee has taken place.

12 months of brand visibility

The beauty of the humble calendar is that you can communicate key messages, tell your story across the pages of 12 month, or simply deliver striking images that will aid your brand recall. Either way, it offers up a whole year of brand visibility with your clients, their clients, and anyone else who passes through the office, or even household.

Even better, it’s cost effective, and cuts through the information overload – how often do you receive anything through the post anymore? In this day and age it’s attention grabbing for that reason alone; and, with a design approach that is relevant to your stakeholders, portable, and above all, aesthetically pleasing, it can even become a conversation piece!

Back to basics works

Perhaps in this technology-rich environment you might worry that this idea is outdated, but our experience at The Loop is that it can really make an impact. Let’s face it, the challenges of engaging an increasingly distracted and transient audience with your product or service is a fact of modern marketing. So, why not try combining this  ‘back to basics’ approach with your usual electronic marketing strategies? Don’t operate under the illusion that your communication has taken place – know that it has for sure.

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